GREENPLUS - A Specially Formulated Liquid Foliar Nutrient Solution


GREENPLUS is a liquid foliar nutrient solution specially prepared to promote plant growth at the vegetative stage.

GREENPLUS contains the essential macronutrient, micronutrient and amino acids necessary for the promotion of increase growth rate and vigor of several plants eg. common vegetables, plantation crops (oil palm, cocoa, rubber, pepper) and fruit trees for early yields.

Effects of treatment with GREENPLUS

Applications Nutrient contents
Nitrogen                         N 
Phosphorous                  P2O
Potassium                       K2
Others: Micronutrient and amino acids
 Application Methods
Type of Crop 
Rate of Dilution
Time of Application 
Nursery and young trees 
Oil palm 
10 cc to 3 liters of water   
 Twice a month
Cocoa and Rubber 10 cc to 6 liters of water   Twice a month 
Pepper  10 cc to 15 liters of water   Twice a month 
Fruit trees 
Dokong, duku and Langsat.
10 cc : 30 litres of water. Spray twice at inflorescence before it blooms.
Leafy Vegetables, Flowers, 
Tomatoes etc.
2cc  : 1 litre of water. 
Every 2 Weeks. 
Do not spray when it flowers.
Packing : In 4 litres and 1 litre Plastic Bottles.

Manufactured by : GIM TRIPLE SEVEN SDN. BHD (ROC No: 202100-T)

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