The discovery of ethephon as a potent stimulant of rubber trees in the late sixties provided the opportunity for the development of alternative methods of stimulation. Ethephon when applied on the tree trunk gave yield increase of less than 30%. This was because the stimulant had to get into the vascular tissue of the tree and then only released ethylene gas by hydrolysis.
The RRIMFLOW short cut system is a system composed of a 4 inches cut tapped on d/4 or d/3 system. This is the system that is recommended to the industry for adoption after exhaustive research from 1991.

The benefits of using RRIMFLOW system are as follows:-

The RRIMFLOW short-cut system is a another method of stimulation with a concept of intermittent gaseous stimulation to the laticiferous tissues uisng gaseous stimulant combined with short-cut tapping 4" spiral cut on lower frequencies of d/4 or d/3. One gassing is done after every two tappings.

Current recommendations allow the tapper to retain his normal task size of 450 to 600 trees per task when RRIMFLOW is practised.

The tapping cuts are executed on the high panels, preferably HO_1. Usually, the high panel will be tapped for 1 to 2 years before resuming tapping on the basal panel. The later panel will be tapped for another year before upward tapping is resumed. The alternation in the use of both the high and low panels has led to the high yields of rubber to be sustained. This is due to different drainage areas in the trees are being exploited.

To see the impact of RRIMFLOW, the rubber plantation size should exceed 100 hectares ( Minimum 30,000 trees ).

For proper evaluation for using RRIMFLOW, information on the Bark Availability, Type of Clone planted from seedling or bud-grafting and Age of trees are required.

A write-up by the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) is attached.

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