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EMP Malaysia to provide Web Publishing Services

19th. November 2007

EMP Malaysia Publishing Services Division has tied up with Inforeach Communications Sdn. Bhd. and Emerge Innovating Technology to provide web site design services to small and medium enterprises in Malaysia and overseas.

Inforeach Communications Sdn. Bhd. will be providing content, proof reading, writing and design services for the web publishing.

Emerge Innovating Technology will be providing the infrastructure and software for easy registration of web domain names, web hosting and on-line web publishing.


25th. October 2007

EMP Malaysia Trading Division in collaboration with Engmepho Australia in Adelaide, has just submitted a price quotation for the supply and delivery of assorted equipment to a proposed 25 room hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


24th. October 2007

Our Trading Division has shipped out two cases of Tapping knives and sharpening stones to our African client last week.

We received the order last month and we were able to send the goods out within 4 weeks.

The goods consist of Gebung type rubber tapping knives, Upward Tapping knives (Gouge type) for old trees and fine sharpening stones.

Our client has placed two orders in 2007 and we will like to express our thanks for their continuous support in our company.


17th. October 2007

Tyne Hong Kong is tying up with ESDlife Wedding Club to introduce personality types assessment for pre-marital counselling.

This wedding planning event will be held on Friday, 19th. October 2007 and the venue is at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This service has not been done before in Hong Kong and Tyne Hong Kong hopes Hong Kong residents will be acceptable to this new idea.

For more details about Tyne Hong Kong,Click here.

EMP Projects Division Tenders for Skim Block Dryer

18th. September 2007

After delivering our 1.2mt/hr Skim Block dryer and our EMP 60 Tons Moving Chamber Rubber baling press last month, our Projects Division has tendered for the supply and delivery of a 500kg/hr Skim Block Dryer in Southern Thailand.

3 bidders (included ours) submitted their prices for this tender.

To be competitive in our pricing, we have worked together with our Thai counterparts. Some major items will be imported from Malaysia while some portion of the works such as civil, mechanical and electrical works will be done by our Thai partners.

EMP Malaysia Trading Division Receives New Order

18th. September 2007

Our Trading Division has just received a new order to supply Gebung Rubber Tapping Knives, Upward Tapping Knives (Gouge Type) for old trees and Fine Sharpening Stones to our African client.

We quoted our prices in early September 2007 and received this order today. This order will be expedited as soon as possible in view of current high rubber prices worldwide.

We will like to express our thanks to our client for giving us this new order.

EMP Malaysia submits EMP Hammermilling System with Material/Dust Collection System

11th. September 2007

EMP Malaysia has just submitted a 900 kg/hour size reduction hammermilling system to a local customer.

The system includes a 20" x 20" hammermill with fixed rotating knives coupled to a 50 HP prime mover and inlet hopper. A special material handling suction fan will be used to suck up the end product and conveyed into a material/dust collector. The material will be collected manually from the discharge of the cyclone collector. An electrical control panel was also quoted in the total package.

EMP Malaysia submits Tapping Accessories and Chemicals Prices to new African plantation Group

3rd. August 2007

Through the good offices of our current client in Africa, they have recommended a new African plantation group to contact us for the supply and delivery of tapping accessories and chemicals.

We have just quoted them via email for the supply of tapping accessories and chemicals. Two offers were made which included tapping knives, latex cups and hangers and Ethephon Plus 5% concentration latex stimulants and latex coagulating chemicals.

EMP Malaysia ships out Skim Block Dryer and Rubber Press to Thailand

25th. July 2007

Loading the EMP 18 Stages Dryer in parts into the container

EMP Malaysia signs up with Google

25th. June 2007

EMP Malaysia which operates a few popular websites on Tourism such as Tourism Melaka, Melaka New Chinatown and has signed up with Google for Ads to be placed into their respective websites. We signed on 14th. June 2007.

Visitors to our websites will be able to view Google Ads on our webpages, and if they find any interesting adverts, they can click on it.

Also, for easy search function on our webpages, a Google Search bar has been incorporated for our visitors.

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