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Tourism Melaka On-line Visitors exceeds 232,000 in July 2007

25th. July 2007

Our Tourism Melaka website has breached 232,000 visitors. Our website reached 100,000 visitors in July 15th. 2005 but we reached 232,000 recently. This shows over a period of 2 years, we achieved more than 66,000 visitors per year.

More and more visitors are being drawn to Tourism Melaka as we have become a Tourism Melaka Portal Site where visitors want to know more about Melaka or plan to visit Melaka. Tourism Melaka comes up No. 1 both under Google Search and Yahoo Search.

TyNE Hong Kong Sets up Centre

The Nurturing Education (TyNE), an associate of EMP Group of Companies, has recently opened a centre in Hong Kong.

Foundered by T.K.Kang, a clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience, the Nurturing Education centre is located at Suite 202, AT Tower, 180 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong. Tel: (+852)37430982 Fax:(+852)21254152


EMP Malaysia Develops New Rubber Press with Weighing System

March 2007

EMP Malaysia has developed a new automatic Rubber Baling Press with a weighing system installed as optional extra.

Features of this new press include:-

  • 100% presses rubber bale extraction.
  • Simple in Operation and maintenance
  • No oil contamination on pressed bales
  • About 60 bales or 2mt/hour
  • Digital weighing system

    This new press(es) will be used in our quest in introducing a new automatic weighing and pressing line for the rubber industry.

  • EMP Projects Division Clinches Dry Line Order

    13th. March 2007

    Our EMP Malaysia Projects Division has succeeded in getting the Dry processing line for Skim Block. The capacity of the line is a 1.2mt/hr skim block powered by our EMP 18 Stages dryer that uses LPG heating instead of diesoline for green reasons and one set of our EMP 60 Tons Moving Chamber Automatic Press.

    We submitted our proposal in end November 2006 and after the Chinese New Year recently, the order was firmed up.

    The client has been our long term customer and has used two of our EMP Process lines in their skim block production.

    EMP Malaysia submits Technical Services and Latex Stimulants to East African country

    February 2007

    In late January 2007, we submitted a price quotation to another African client for the supply of Ethephon Plus and Gebung rubber tapping knives. They want to use our latex stimulants to enhance their rubber plantation output prior to felling and replanting.

    Besides the supply quotation, we also submitted a price quotation for providing rubber planting technical experts to advise them for their replanting needs and future planting programme.

    The client has received our quotation electronically and we are awaiting for their reply.

    Shipment of Ethephon Plus and Tapping Knives to Africa

    January 2007

    We started 2007 by delivering 4 cases of goods to an African client in Central Africa.

    They include Ethephon Plus Latex stimulants and Gebung type rubber tapping knives. This client of ours has been our customer since 1999 and over the years, they have been ordering Ethephon Plus, rubber tapping knives and sharpening stones.

    They also bought some machinery spares from us as well.

    EMP Malaysia Trading Division Despatched Goods to Bangladesh and Myanmar

    January 2007

    Before the end of 2006, we despatched Ethephon Plus latex stimulants to Bangladesh. This is an additional order placed by our Bangladesh agent. Earlier, we despatched some Gebung rubber tapping knives and sharpening stones.

    Besides Bangladesh, we received an order for 4 sets of 36" diameter Axial Flow Fans from a company in Myanmar. To date, the items have been delivered. This order is important to us as it is our first order from Myanmar.

    EMP Malaysia ships out 5mt/hr EMP Dry Processing Line

    29th. August 2006

    EMP Malaysia has just shipped out our 5mt/hr EMP Dry Rubber Processing line to Thailand.

    EMP Malaysia submits Rubber Technical Consultancy Services

    18th. July 2006

    Our EMP Projects and Engineering Division recently submitted a Technical Consultancy services proposal to a Malaysian-based company for the construction of a Lower grade rubber factory in Africa.

    EMP Group to assist Gent-year Metal Foundry

    5th. July 2006

    The EMP Group will be assisting Gent-year Metal Foundry Limited of Hong Kong, SAR to market their Cast iron range of products in the global market.

    Gent-Year is the manufacturer of a comprehensive range of cast iron products such as CI pipes and fittings, manhole covers and related products.

    The company has a manufacturing plant in Chong San, China.

    Interested parties can view Gentyear Metal Foundry Ltd. of Hong Kong

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