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EMP Projects Division completing fabrication Works

25th. June 2006

Our EMP Projects and Engineering Division has just completed the fabrication works for our EMP 5mt/hr Dry Rubber Processing system for our Thai client.

The Dry Processor and Cooling Tunnel are in the final stages of assembly and fabrication. The 2 sets of EMP 100 Tons moving chamber presses have been tested while the Motor Control Centre and Metal Detector have also been tested.

Our Thai buyer is expected to visit us to do their final inspection before the machinery are packed into standard containers for shipment in early July 2006.

EMP Malaysia Trading Division Ships Out Tapping Accessories to Bangladesh

25th. June 2006

EMP Malaysia Trading Division has recently shipped out a case of tapping accessories to Bangladesh.

The consignment included tapping knives for young rubber trees and Gebung knives for mature trees. Other tapping accessories included Ethephon Plus Latex Stimulants for rubber trees and Sharpening Stones.

We have also included sample Chemtex latex coagulation chemical for trials.
In view of high rubber prices lately, buyers have enquired for Ethephon Plus latex stimulants so that they can increase the output of rubber trees.

EMP Malaysia to market Chemtex, latex coagulation chemical overseas

20th. May 2006

EMP Malaysia will market a Malaysian-made latex coagulation chemical named Chemtex to rubber producing countries overseas.

This product has successfully be used in Malaysia and in Thailand for producing latex grades of rubber and rubber sheet production by smallholders.

EMP Malaysia Imports Taiwanese Helical Gearbox for EMP Dry Process Line

26th. April 2006

Our company is directly importing a Taiwanese-made Helical Gearbox Model CDK 31 from Chen Di Industry, Taichung, Taiwan.

EMP Malaysia Trading Division Receives Upward Tapping Knives Order

21st. April 2006

Our Trading Division has received an order for 500 pieces of Upward Tapping Knives via a third party trading company which is a subsidiary of a public listed company.

EMP Projects Division Submits Rubber Factory Tender in Indonesia

18th. April 2006

Our EMP Projects Division was invited to submit a combined rubber processing line for latex and lower grades of rubber of 500 kg/hr for each line. The above lines were for an Indonesian client in Kalimantan located within the ASEAN region.

Kiln Dryer for Rubberwood Pricing Submitted

March 31st.2006

EMP Malaysia has just submitted a price quotation for 6sets x 40mt Kiln Dryer for rubberwood drying in Africa.

The client is to dry 400mt of green rubberwood per month which are being felled from their existing plantations which are being replanted.

Liberia plantation group requests for Ethephon Plus Latex Stimulant quotation

30th. March 2006

We have recently sent out our price quotation for the supply and delivery of Ethephon Plus latex stimulants to Liberia.

EMP Malaysia submits RRIMflow Proposal

17th. March 2006

EMP Malaysia has just submitted a RRIMflow Proposal to a potential Thai rubber plantation owner in Chonburi. The owner has 1000 rai of land which are planted with rubber trees of more than 20 years.

Glove Manufacturing Plant Proposal

8th. March 2006

Recently, our company has received a request for the supply, fabrication, delivery and warranty of an Industrial Glove Manufacturing Line from a Philippine/HK/US/Malaysian group. The investors are interested to set up this new plant in Malaysia.
EMP Malaysia has teamed up with an experienced Glove machinery manufacturer/fabricator to bid for this new plant.

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