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EMP Trading Division To receive Order from Bangladesh

8th.March 2006

Our Trading Division is awaiting for an order for Tapping knives, sharpening stones, Ethephon Plus latex stimulants and Wound Healing Compound from Bangladesh.

EMP Malaysia Tenders for Rubber Projects in Myanmar

January 2006

EMP Malaysia was recently invited to submit a price quotation for 2 Technically specified Rubber Latex lines in Myanmar.

Though these lines are for 1mt/hour process lines, we were happy to be invited to submit for this tender in Myanmar. Our prices have been submitted and we are awaiting for the outcome of this tender.

The latex lines are our standard process latex lines which uses a crusher, battery of crepers, shredder, dryer and hydraulic presses.

EMP Malaysia Starts New Year by securing a Big order for our Dry Process Line

EMP Malaysia started the New Year in 2006 by clinching an order for a 5mt/hour Dry Process Line from a Thai customer.

The order will consist of an EMP Dry Slab Cutter, EMP Dry Processor(s), EMP Cooling Tunnel and 2 sets of EMP 100 Tonnes Automatic Rubber Baling Presses. The capacity of this process line will be 5mt(dry) per hour. The large capacity line will be used to produce special blend of rubber from unsmoked sheets by using the Dry Process.

Premium Replaceable Rubber Tapping Knife to be marketed in 2006

19th. December 2005

Recently, EMP Malaysia has been approached by a Taiwanese manufacturer to market their new replaceable knife rubber tapping knife in the world market.
The special feature of this new range of rubber tapping knife is the ability to replace the worn out tapping knife instead of the whole knife with handle.

5mt/hour TSR 20 Proposal to be submitted

Kuala Lumpur,13th. December 2005

EMP Malaysia has been appointed by a reputable rubber processing manufacturer to be their process consultant in proposing a 5metric tonne(dry)/hour TSR 20 line for Indonesia.
The process line will have a capacity of producing 100mt(dry) rubber per day operating at 20 hours/day. The process line will also have a wet and dry process lines.

EMP Malaysia submits Tapping Accessories quotation to Singapore Trading Company

November 20th. 2005

EMP Malaysia has just submitted a price quotation to a Singaporean Trading company for tapping accessories. The tapping accessories include 20,000pcs. of 1.2 litres Latex cups, 20,000pcs of hangers and spouts. For details.

EMP Malaysia secures Tapping Knives and spare parts order from Africa and Thailand

November 3rd.2005

Our company has just secured a supply of Gebung type rubber tapping knives and sharpening stones from a rubber plantation group in Africa.

Ethephon Plus Latex Stimulant shipped Out

October 7th. 2005
Kuala Lumpur: Our company has shipped out 2 metric tonnes of Ethephon Plus 10 per cent concentration Latex Stimulant to Central Africa.

The shipment has been inspected and has been shipped out.

Tourism Melaka Website passes 100,000 visitors mark

July 15th. 2005

Tourism Melaka website,, which promotes Melaka, the homestate of EMP Group of Companies, has broken through the 100,000 visitors mark since we made our presence felt in September 2003.

EMP Malaysia submits Dry Process Line to Myanmar

Kuala Lumpur,11th. July 2005

EMP Malaysia has recently submitted a 1mt/hour Dry Process line to a crumb rubber factory in Myanmar. The potential client intends to use this line to produce Technical Specified Rubber from sheet and crepe material which they are currently collect from their suppliers.

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