Sungei Melaka Bridge to be opened on 1st. June 2001?

The Sungei Melaka Bridge will be opened to the public from 1st. June 2001. The bridge links Tranquerah area to Melaka Raya area at Bandar Hilir and crosses the Melaka River mouth. Spanning over 1 km in length, pedestrians can walk on the bridge and view the old and new sectors of historical Malacca City.

Cheng Koon Teng Temple has Reopened?

After 2 years of  renovation by skilled artisans from China & Malaysia, Malaysia's oldest Chinese Temple was opened to well wishers & visitors from February 2001. The main prayer hall has been completely renovated and carvings have been restored to their splendour. Being built in 1647, Cheng Koon Teng Temple is the oldest in Malaysia and this site must be viewed by visitors to Malacca.

Malacca Chinatown Promotional Map is being distributed free ?

As a Community Service Project, EMP Malaysia has sponsored the design, printing & distribution  of 5000 sets of colour Malacca Chinatown Promotional Map in November 2000. This specially designed promotional map highlights the Places of Interest, Places to Stay, Places to Eat & Drink and Places to Shop within the Old and New Sectors of Malacca Chinatown. Being the oldest Chinatown in Malaysia, it is at least 400 years old and has a number of interesting historical sites and streets for visitors.
The map can be obtained from major hotels and outlets within Malacca City.
To view this map, click on :

Hollywood Movie "Entrapment" was partly shot in the New Chinatown of Malacca?

The hollywood movie "Entrapment" starring Sean Connery & Catherine Zeta-Jones, was partly filmed here in our very own backyard in 1998? Sean Connery was having beer with an FBI agent and that scene was shot at the restaurant near the footbridge of Jalan Pasar Baru. Moreover, the river cruise scene taken by Catherine Zeta-Jones was also shot at the Malacca River.

Water shortage in Malacca during the Chinese New Year of 1992?

The people of Malacca had to endure a water shortage crisis just before the Chinese New Year of 1992. A drought in late 1991 and a mistake in monitoring the Durian Tunggal Dam level has caused a water crisis in early 1992. The public was forced to buy plastic water containers so that water can be stored for their daily needs. The public was outraged by this water crisis and after this crisis, a waterpipe line was constructed to channel raw water from Muar River to the Durian Tunggal Dam.

Bukit China (China Hill) Cemetery was nearly developed  in 1980s?

Being the oldest & largest Chinese Cemetery outside China, Bukit China (China Hill) was nearly developed into another property development. Since Bukit China was located in the central part of Malacca Town, the cemetery which has many old graves, was seen as a potential property development project. The people of Malacca was not in favour of the development project since Bukit China was the ancestral resting place of their ancestors. Moreover, by developing Bukit China, it can affect the Feng Shui of future generations of Malacca. Due to public protests, the proposed project was shelved indefinitely. Currently, Bukit China remains the green lung of Malacca Town and visitors can climb up this hill to view the sunrise/sunset over Malacca Town.

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